Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a little funkyness

Sometimes I miss these people a lot. 
and that sometime is now. 
(although I do see Justina, Curtis, and Taeden frequently) 
I want the rest of my family. 
I want the sun, the humidity, the thunder and lightening storms. 
I miss my family. 
Rexburg is drab. boring. cold. it makes me sad. 

Sorry I am having a funk. 
Cold weather and wind makes me upset somedays. 
well and stress. yea i stress myself out a lot. just ask andrew. 
I love him though and I am glad to be at school. 
I love learning and knowing I will soon have a degree. 
I love having a husband who is always there for me, making dinner and putting up with my crazyness. 

Thanks for listening to me. 
love love love you all.
Have a wonderful weeeeek. 
love, alex&andrew  


  1. This is a beautiful picture! Just so you know spring will be here very soon, and the sun will make everything all better. When it does, just go up to the mountains and breath some good mountain air and enjoy the beauty of the sun and trees and blue sky. Even if it is a short amount of time because you have homework. For me the mountains always make everything a lot better. Love you both! Marilee

  2. hey! i found your blog from the daybook, I am your newest follower. you sure got cute things going on here! follow me at