Saturday, May 7, 2011

Freaky Friday

It's Friday, May 7th, 2011 buttttttt.... 
I am going to tell you all about Friday, April 29th, 2011
(okay I did this at 12:30am sooo its really saturday but thats okay right?)

It was great. Andrew and I went to a concert called, 1964 the Tribute. It was all about the Beatles. 
It was lots and lots of fun. however we did wish to hear more of there more notable stuff. but it was great non the less. 
This week has been crazy busy. I am now living on campus. I call it home. 
Our apartment is now just known as my place of sleep. I love being there for that reason. Oh and my GREAT hubster is usually there. He has been so great this week. I think he made dinner three times. WITH OUT being asked. yes I love him lots. there were multiple days this week I got to work at 8am and didn't leave campus until 7pm- 7:30ishpm ughhh 
I love what I do though. 
Anyone know how to get rid of being so so so exhausted. Sleeping doesn't really change much...not that I get a lot.. midnight to 7am is okay right? most nights at least. well its annoying. I come home dead and having to do hours more of homework. 
Tomorrow Andrew and I have to take a test for our World Foundations class, aka history/humanities type course. I HATE tests. and going to the Testing center. yes it makes me want to cry. 
Maybe thats why I am an art major. You don't need tests just skills. which I am working on. 
ha I work tomorrow too. bitter sweet moment. 
well I guess you will have to wait to hear more about this weekend :) 
It has been great so far though! love weekends 

Look who we saw at the concert. ALENI. love love LOVE her. so amazing. 

what a stud. 

The Beatles! yayyyyyyyyyy if only...

Of course I had to add some Taeden Pics. love babysitting him :) 

Hope you are having as great a weekend as we are! 
love love love 


  1. oh my gosh taeden is so blasted cute! tell justina she needs a blog!! looks like the concert was fun. you two are so cute together. :)

  2. He loves hanging out with you two! Love the photos!