Monday, May 23, 2011


Yes it is true, I will admit it. 
I, Alexandria Sorensen am a slacker. 
I haven't blogged in almost a week and I put my homework off until the very last minute. 
Can I complain for a minute? 
School is so annoying. You want me to learn okay I will but stop making me do the same exact thing every day and night. It teaches me NOTHING. 
Thank you for letting me do that. 

Now on to my next fantabulous point. i have come across a fantabulous website. 
It has really helped me in my slacking skills. 
Let's just stay I stayed up until 2am finishing homework because I was exploring this place. 
It has the best ideas. and funnest pictures. and I can keep track of everything I loooooove. 
Other than my fav fav lover andrew. who I just keep track of by sitting next to him :)  
And I love it so so much that I am going to show you some of my obsessions I have already made. 
I am going to start making this. 

Don't you just LOVE this??


Inspiration board anyone? 
(Thats what this whole website is pretty much)

I WILL have this in my house. Either in my room or in my little girls room!

Okay now that I have shared by obsessions.. 
Happy Monday.. Although I am not too excited about it. I just need to get happy about it. 
Loooove you all


  1. I joined pinterest a few weeks ago and oh my sweet goodness, I don't think I'll ever be bored again. so much inspiration!

  2. pinterest is seriously fab, i'm still getting the hang of it but i'm loving it.