Monday, May 16, 2011

I AM..

I am..
  • dropping out of school and becoming an extreme couponer. who needs a degree when couponing can be my full time job. 
  • very self conscious. 
  • missing warm weather. really, what was today?? I should be sweating walking to class
  • NEEEDING energy. what the heck body. 
  • going to graduate with a bachelors. in some way, some how, some day, and in something.
  • madly in love with my hilarious, crazy, awesome, adventurous husband.
  • mad at the iphoto. sorry for no photos. its NOT my fault
  • having the strangest desirer to watch twilight.. 
  • in love with chocolate. 
  • trying to enjoy classes I hate
  • trying to befriend jerky people. 
  • excited for summmer in this beautiful place. yup i just said it. i love summer here. 
  • so proud of my brother graduating this sunday. way to make it through h...oh yea school. 
  • bored with this post because there are NO pictures. ughh. 
I hope you weren't too bored with me. Here is to a great week. 
right? it will be. we can make it one together. yayyyyy 
Here is your inspiration for the week. (it is from HERE)

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