Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sand Man & Woman

forget about the bubbles lets eat the lid 
cutenesss. sucky pic quality. 

YUP i buried him alive :) 

need water NOW

hello beautiful 

he is going to be a good looking old man. yup for sure. 

Let's just say we came home with loads of sand EVERYWHERE. 
in the ear
down the pants
stuck in the hair
it was GREAT. 
We are going back for bonfires, star gazing, and just having some fun in the sun! 
Who wants to come with us next time?? we will make it a pppparty 
love, alex&andrew 


  1. I love these photos! It looks like you two had a blast! We had so much fun at the park with you too!

  2. Your nephew is soooooooooo cute!