Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fishing at Meadow Lake

When we lived in Idaho we had been wanting to go to Meadow Lake for a long time. Justina and Curtis had talked about it a lot and had lots of fun stories to share about it. Unfortunately we were never able to go because we were either too busy or it was too early in the season and there was still snow on the roads to it, even in June! wowza. So when we had an open day while my family was in Idaho we jumped at the chance to spend a day here fishing.

We left early and got there just around lunch time. After eating and getting every thing ready we headed down to the lake. Curtis had rented a raft so a few of us, Curtis, Andrew, Emily, Nathan, Taeden, and I went out on the raft for a few hours. Taeden was a little grumpy and kept asking to go back to shore with his mama, luckily he fell asleep for a while. I was the first one to catch a fish! YAY! After that we all actually caught quite a few. Each of us probably caught 5 or more fish. We kept 12 of them and let the rest go.

When Taeden woke up from his nap I got him to fish with me and right away we caught two in a row! That little guy is one awesome fisher! I couldn't believe how quickly he got them. It was hilarious and awesome. Emily caught the littlest fish and Curtis caught the biggest.. until later when Aaron went out and caught a big guy!
hiding from mosquitos 
It was a lot of fun and really relaxing to just hang out on the lake and do a little fishing. It was also so gorgeous up there. So breathtaking!
She loves him. 
I love s'mores
The fish we kept and cooked.
Me and the babes. 
Us on the beautiful lake. 
After the other group went out on the lake and we just hang out on the shore we started cooking some fish and hot dogs. What a good combo right? ha. It was super yummy. I am not a huge fish person but it wasn't too bad.. until I ate a bone and got a little grossed out so I switched to a good old hot dog.

It was such a beautiful, amazing day on the lake with family. a day to never forget!

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