Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Southern Utah

After Idaho we traveled down to southern Utah to spend some time in St. George. This was a great way to just relax. We didn't have a schedule or anything we had to do or people we had to see. It was just do what we want when we want kind of weekend. So we rode four wheelers a little, went swimming a lot and explored Zion National Park. 
Going out for a ride. 
This little man loved chillen in his sail boat. 
Playing in the pool
They liked trying to play ping pong. 
God gave us such a beautiful world. I am so grateful I get to see bits and pieces of this beauty. It is mind blowing. And really makes me feel close to God and feel of his love for me. Even though I feel small and insignificant compared to such magnificent places I know he created these things for us to enjoy because he loves us. I am glad that I get to enjoy and experience these places with the ones I love.
Exploring Zion 

Exploring Zion 
Exploring Zion. 
It was really a great weekend and an overall great two weeks with my family. I was so sad to see them go and have to go back to Provo without them. It was defiantly much quieter though ;)

I am so glad I had this time to spend with my family and really grow as a family and get to know each other as we grow in this life. I hate missing out on my younger siblings achievements and high school years. This trip really gave me some time to get to know the people they are growing up to become. I love them all so much and am proud to call them my siblings and proud to have the wonderful parents that I have.


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