Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hanging with the piggies.

While in Idaho we were staying with my Grandpa Hansen. The house they live in is over 100 years old. When they bought it, it was so worn down and small. I could not even imagine trying to fix it up. But that is what my grandparents did and it is now such a beautiful house. I love its charm and all of the special touches they have put into it. They are quite crafty and it has just made a lovely home. They also have a few acres of land with a couple horses, a few chickens, 2 pigs, and a beautiful garden. It is the most perfect place. I love that they have enough space for their needs and aren't completely surrounded by neighbors. Its wonderful. I would love to own a place like that someday. Probably not in Idaho but somewhere beautiful, thats for sure. In the morning we were able to just walk outside and shoot grandpas newest gun. It was a lot of fun and very powerful!

Our little Piggies! 
Then we went and saw Displaceable Me 2. We had already watched the first one probably 3 or 4 times in the car the past 3 days so I was pretty up to date on the series. It was SUPER cute. I love the minions and the little girls are adorable. It is funny to me how predictable all little kids movies are. But I kinda like that I can just rely on them to make me happy!

That weekend we got to hang out with the Brown family a little. We had a family reunion at Heise Hot Springs. It was fun to catch up with everyone and play around a little. I think the kids had a ton of fun running around and having lots of cousins to play with. And who doesn't enjoy a good s'more and cobbler! it was so yummmmmmmmy. Andrew even got to come up for the weekend to spend a little time with us. Unfortunately I got no pictures. Horrible, I know. But I will share more from our adventure with the Brown's at the jumping place, soon :)

until next time!

p.s- aren't these the cutest photos EVER! Melts my heart. This top one totally reminds me of a husband and wife. The husband won't stop talking so the wife is pulling him along and he turns to say goodbye to his buddies! HA I love it. They are so cute when they are being cute.

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