Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't every day be the day of Love?

I loved going out on Valentines day and seeing everyone getting flowers for their lover. 
I loved the feeling of love in the air. 
I loved the joy in everyones faces and the friendliness. 
I love that my heart was full of happiness. 
I loved that it was a day focused on LOVE. 
Andrew had class all day but look what I got at the door while he was there :)

The flowers are blooming in the next few days. 
I loved waking up this morning and seeing them on the table starting to pop! 
The way to any girls heart.
Chocolate. yum

While Andrew was at class I made our apartment into a tropical paradise/get away with a few heart decor

And I made dinnnnner. delishhhhh
And you can't have dinner without dessert. 
Even better

Can't have a tropical paradise without a beach right?


Andrew with his presents. 

I decided to continue the love and made a delicious breakfast!!
Crepes, Strawberries, and Apples. Perfection
After all of that sugar and food we took Oakley on a long walk to get energy out and enjoy the amazing weather we have been having but know it will soon end. 

He kept following Andrew..even if it was up a huge pile of snow.

Luckily he made it up all by himself! 

A good thing about Idaho. 
The Sunsets. 

Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day. 
Always tell those you love that you LOVE them. 
We love you all. 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

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