Saturday, February 5, 2011

a day in the life of

I like to make things. like these delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.
Notice there is only two left..ha we like to eat as well.

I want to make a TONS of Valentines Day decor but I don't have the supplies and its like in 9 days so it feels like there is no point. I love looking at other blogs though and getting really really cute ideas. 
Well here is our one and only love decoration, other than our wedding pictures. 
thank you mother brown.

Here is my little friend. I am still working on the apron. 
ha its taking longer than it should but but but.. yea I will get on it. 
I am SO close.

My other little friend. I got her for christmas and am starting to play.

Page one. Inspiration from Coco. Oh lovely. 

Facts of life:
We LOVE to sleep in
We spent the weekend in Provo with my parents and I officially CAN NOT wait to move there. 
I want a new scene and not so much snow. 
When it snows pretty much EVERY DAY you don't think it is very pretty anymore. 
We saw unstoppable last night. It was pretty good. Crazy that it is a true story.
I can not have enough CANNNNDY. twizzlers, sour watermelon, skittles, large kit kats, m&m's...yum
Andrew can't have enough desserts. Cake, brownies, donuts..yum
We used our deep fryer we got for our wedding last night. Frrrried Chicken yum yum. Next is donuts.
Suuuuper Bowl is Sunday. Football + Lots of food = pretty much what we do everyday. 

We had our first battleship competition this week. it was AWESOME! 
If you don't know what battleship is well let me tell you.
You are on a team and you have a canoe.
There are about 8 other teams. 
And a Pool
Each team has buckets and "shields" 
You put your canoe in the pool with three to four people in it with your buckets and shields
You then proceed to dump water in other peoples canoe and sink them. 
You use your shield to block the water people are throwing at your canoe.
Moral of the story, if you sink you are out. Last team still floating wins.
I have decided it is the funnest thing ever. 
Hopefully I can get pictures to show you. 
Our team isn't too good yet but I mean it was only the first time EVER for all of us
 so we will learn and conquer. 
Be prepared. I love it though. 

Now we need more things to do in this town and more people to do it with. We need friends. 
If you live in Rexburg do you want to be our friends? I need to start making friends at church I guess...

Our idea for tonight is to go to the grocery store..yea I think thats a married thing.. 
then we are going to the best store in Rexburg, PORTERS. Its a crafters heaven. 
We are going to get things off the clearance and go from there. Maybe we will find some LOVE decor. 
Then we will watch the beautiful Sydney sing.. Yea I just learned this was happening.
We will end the trip by finding a movie at redbox, returning home, eating junk food, watching movies, and making whatever we find at porters. 
Wish us Luck. Have a great Saturday night 
Love, Alexandria & Andrew 


  1. we'll be your friends! We need new things to do as well.... we just watch a lot of movies.....

  2. I heard about the battleship games. Sounds like a ton of fun! But... maybe you girls should get short boys for your canoe next time. :/ Seems like those 2 tall ones you have will be a little top-heavy.... just sayin'. XOXO P.S. Fanks for getting the blankets for me! Can't wait till we see you.

  3. Oh Coco Chanel! you cant even get into fashion without her! How is the book though? where did he get it?

  4. FIRST OF ALL: Congratulations!!!!!
    and your blog is adorable. ADORABLE.
    So I love candy too, and we go to the grocery store for hot dates all the time (sweet thing #24 about being married: everything is fun!) ... and redbox basically every weekend... livin' the good life!! So good to hear from you, and I'm so excited to read your cute, cute blog :)