Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Just Have Some Fun

This weekend was a pretty fun time. 
How was yours? 
First we started off by going to the temple, the BEST place in the world :) 
We went to Sammy's and of course got a Cupcake Shake 
Then hit up a sweet sweet sweet Jello party. 
Yes your eyes read that right. J-E-L-L-O Partttty. 
Andrew competed in the jello competition. 
He didn't throw up thank heavens. 
But he did win, which means I won
Fun Dip :) 

Oh my how I love the sugar of my childhood days. I love just the fun candy.
The nerd ropes. 
The fun dip. 
The ring pops.
The spongebob crabby patty gummies 
Candy Bracelets 
Tootsie Roll! Ah yes, okay so they aren't that kidish but yuummmm

What is your Favorite "Fun" Candy????

Now you may say awh but I missed out on all of the fun but wait you DID NOT! 
muahahah I have pictures :)

Here is everyone warming up 
Don't they look excited? 

The old roommates. Pre-Competition 

And GOOOO...
Oh the noises that came with this. 
Ewh, Ugh, Woah

A nice up close shot of Andrews mouth full. 

This photo makes me laugh for more than one reason :) 

We watched The Social Network. wow it is true what everyone has been saying. 
SO GOOD. A must watch! 
We hope everyone had a great weekend and has even a better week! 
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Much Love, Peace, Happiness 
<3 Alex & Andrew 

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  1. waiiit a second!!! what is a cupcake shake?!?!? that sounds DELICIOUS!!! fill a sista in! haha... and yes, the temple IS the best place on earth!