Monday, February 7, 2011

Soup or Bowl?

Men everywhere were crying last night. 
Some had tears of sorrow and others had tears of joy,
But all together they were crying for the end of football season. 

We ended the season with a party and victory. 
We cheered for the Packers. 
The Packers won. 
Now it is time to focus all on basketball.
yay :) 

Now we all know when there is a super bowl there is food. 
And man did we have some good stuff. 
Like this layered dip Justina made. 

Or the amazing chicken wings Andrew made :) 

I made some fruit dip for the grapes and apples. 
yummy yummy

And then Justina, and I kinda helped, made ritz with peanut butter in the middle then dipped in chocolate. They were VERY delishhhh.

He smiled for the camera. what a model, like his mom

Spelling yay on the camera..

YAY we Won!!!

YAY Football. 
Overall it was a good time. 
Game turned out to be very entertaining there were a lot of funny ones. Some not so much though. 
Here is to Monday now. On with life I guess. 
I finished my apron. Pictures tomorrow. 
I am starting a sewing vlog on Youtube. Go me. 
I NEEEEED a job. 
But is anyone is Rexburg hiring.. not that I know of.
Does ANYONE know of a job in Rexburg.
I am desperate, pretty much. 
Well until then I will sew, read, draw, blog, clean, and make treats and dinner for my hubby. 
I guess life isn't so bad is it? :) 
Does someone want to pretend to be engaged so I can take pictures of them for fun/ practice. 
I just want to play play play. And the Mr. will only do so much. 
Cross your fingers spring is coming soon. 
When you wish upon a star... 
God is great
Love, Alex & Andrew 


  1. Wow you guys know how to throw a party. I wish we could have been there. Love you.

  2. Yes it was a great party! Lets do it again for basketball!

  3. I would let you take engagemtn pictures of us you just have to drive 10 hours~ :-D Its so worth it!