Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

- Running to the bathroom and right as I walk through the door my phone rings. I have to answer it but man do I gotta go! 
- Super Bowl Sunday. Looking in the mirror at half time and realizing I have barbecue sauce from the wings on my cheek. I ate them at the start of the game. Therefore it has been there for....a long while. 
- Getting hit on by a creepy guy, wishing my husband would hurry up and get out of the locker room, flashing my wedding ring at him but him not noticing. 
- Running into someone I only kind of know or just haven't talked to in forever. Do I say hello? And if so what do I talk to them about? Or do I just keep on walking? I feel like that makes me anti social.
- Going to devotional and feeling like the guys in front of you are gay. no judging here. just awkward
- Trying to find a seat at devotional. Asking if the seats are taking and getting a rude/mean yes. Well excuse me for trying to sit by you! 
- Being the only one at zumba with my hair down and with out a friend.. yea it doesn't sound awkward but I felt like EVERYONE was just looking at me thinking what in the heck is she doing. 
- Loosing, well lets say misplacing your husbands drivers license... woopsies. 
- Watching the Mr. play basketball and having the ball come flying at me, almost killing me, and making the weirdest face ever...
- This may not be awkward but I hate it. Always having a coat and being cold so it never really matters what I wear underneath.

-Participating in awkward & awesome thursdays. 
- Having my puppy FINALLY be nice and cuddling with me :) 
- Feeling so accomplished by finishing my apron
- Thinking of creative ways to make my outfits look cuter. downside I have no where to go in them.
- Being more outgoing. 
- Winning the final round of battleship 
- Having time to read as much as I want. 
- A clean kitchen, however I never know what to make for dinner..
- Going to St. George next weekend. It can't come quick enough. one word. Warmer. 
- Having the temple a mile away from my house :) 
- Going out to dinner and learning we don't have to pay for it
- Two movie tickets, Large popcorn, 2 Drinks, free refills all for a beautiful price of $10 
- When my husband talks in cartoon voices. I can't help but smile 

Man life is just awesome isn't it. 
I mean there are always going to be things to worry about but why worry. 
It won't get you anywhere. 
I need to remember this. 
I LOVVVE my Mr. 
I LOOOVE being a Mrs. 

Basketball is awesome

Listen to these two sing = awesome

 He is becoming a cuddler = AWESOME

And I will leave you with this old but awesome picture. 
The beginning of mr. and mrs.

Have an awesome day 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

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  1. Glad to see the puppy training is going good! Has he found any of your shoes to chew on yet! Im thinking he would love those pink ones you have :-D he he he! LOVE YOU!