Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A picture is a poem without words

Look at my creative husband. focusing so hard on his art work. 

Our Porters experience brought us this lovely piece of art. 

Now ladies if you would like to keep your husbands busy for a while just get them one of these. 
They look pretty fabulous once they are done as well! 
Isn't he adorable?


Okay now it is my turn to show off! 
Introducing my FINISHED Apron. 
I am so excited and happy about this finished product. 

Look at those awesome pockets! 

Now for christmas we were at the Sorensen's house and we all got christmas pajamas.
I got the cutest little button up cotton dress in the fabric below. 
Now yesterday Andrew and I got a package from his mom 
And look what I found inside!!!!! 

Matching little girl pajamas. AWHHHH 
They are adorable. 
No, I am NOT pregnant 
but whenever I do get pregnant with a girl
She will wear this and look like the cutest kid in the world. 

Thank you Mommy Sorensen

Now on to my next project maybe???
The dress

The Fabric. AHHH yay I LOVE it. 
I love the flowers. 
and yellow
and pink
and green
and blue
and yeaaaa
its going to be awesome

We are an artistic family. 
I love it. 
It's wednesday. 
I need a way to make money. 
Dannnnnce party. 
You know when people say oh lets hang out and then you never do?
Well I feel like I should invite all those people over at the same time for a dessert party. 
Yea that sounds fun. I like it. 
Zumba tonight. quite possibly. 
Then Andrews basketball game. Let's go Top Dudes!!!...haha
Question of the say: Does anyone remember Duck Tales??
Andrew and I started thinking about it the other night and even looked up the song on youtube. 
oh sooo good. we used to looove that show. How about you?
The weekend is halfway here.  
Love, The Sorensens 


  1. BYUI!!! My husband and I are both proud graduates. Loved the school....but we call rexburg Narnia: always winter, never Christmas. Hang in there, you do get to leave some day! Also, the dress you're making, going to be rad! Makes me excited for summer. Sigh.

  2. The apron turned out great! Love it! And thats a pretty cool art thing andrew is doing what exactly is it? i got a little confused?