Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Walking my dog and almost falling right in front of a car.. 
Stuttering. Yea I do it a lot. Especially when I am talking a lot and not really thinking straight.
Having the worst zits in the world on my face. yup thats me. 
Thinking I know the kid sitting next to me, trying to look at him to see if its who I think it is.
Having to take our dog on a road trip and worrying about him doing something wrong at everyones house.
Learning a hip hop dance within an hour. it has its good and weird moments. 
Having the Fire Alarm checker people come into our apartment and have to go into every room. Yes the extra room is pretty much the junk/ just throw things in there room. Good thing they didn't go into the bathroom..

I finally started exercising again. it felt wonderful & horrible. I can't wait to go again tomorrow. 
Going on a road trip to St. George. SWEET
Cooking dinner with a recipe I found all on my own and it turning out pretty darn nice. 
I put out my spring decor already. yay. bring on warmth
Going to Sammy's for Cup Cake Shakes. Yes you heard right. CUP CAKE. little bites of icing is all I can say. YUM
Stacie's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips. 
Finishing one of my books so I can start the other. 
Getting to listen to Julie B. Beck on Saturday.
You are officially looking at a compassionate service helper. 
Andrew won his basketball game. 
Last year we went to pond skimming with my sister. 
This year we are going again. Tomorrow!! 
Look at how awesome it looks..

Time to go to Zummmmba :) 

How was your Thursday??

Love, Alex & Andrew 

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  1. UGH Horrible thursday... It can only get better right? Sounds like you guys are having fun! Can You eat all those sweets ans stuff with having your gull blatter out? I cant it sucks it gives me tummy achs! Miss you!