Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its Thursday which can only mean..

I am doing another awkward and awesome thursday. Why you may ask.. cause I feel like we had some darn good awkward moments. And awesome ones too I guess..

  • Leaving Andrews volleyball game to go to ZUMBA and some kid is following close behind groaning. hm so I ask if he is okay, I mean I felt more awkward keeping quite. He says he hurt his hand in a game. I walk into Zumba get lined up and the kid comes up to me and is like "are you not going to take me to it, it is really killing me!!" uhmmmm what? I kinda went awkward for a moment and was like "uhhhh I don't think I am who you think I am.." then kid walks away. wow that was weird. I feel it was because I was wearing blue..which is what the people that work the sports wear so they know how to fix hurt people.
  • Andrew killed his foot by dropping a bottle of mayonnaise on it. Awkward landing I guess. 
  • I went to a job interview and LOCKED, yes LOCKED the keys in the car. And every person we knew with a car just so happened to be in Idaho Falls for the day. great. So Andrew rides his bike to me with the extra key. And I sit on the curb, trying to hide myself from the interviewing person so that I don't look really irresponsible. Its right in the middle of a BYU game. WOW I am a good wife. ha
  • Silence in a car with people you only kinda know. Yea I feel like this is awkward. Maybe I should be talking about something...
  •  Being told I have my old job back and then a couple hours later being told some guy just walked right in and stole it cause he can start working asap. ughhhhh
  • Being called to have a job interview without even really trying to get one. score. 
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on the sale rack. 
  • My husband is still in one piece. 
  • Its march which means it is march Madness. 
  • Starting to put my own food storage together, I feel like a real wife now. 
  • BEAUTIFUL days. it was nice out today. at 12pm I feel like that is changing though 
  • World's LARGEST Doge Ball Tournament on Saturday. 
  • I have a hot husband. He loves me I love him. We are going to live happily ever after
  • Sleeping in until 12 
  • Finding chicken patties (I love them and look for them) at Walmart for $5. Yes I thought this was awesome.
  • I am going to finish my dress this week! SCORE SCORE SCORE  

Time for another look back. 
The weekend before Andrew and I got married my sister Kjerstin got married in Las Vegas so we went down for it and spent some time with my family before we all headed to California for our wedding. 

We found out that Andrew has his own tie shop. sweet deal. 

What a beautiful day in California. Oh i miss it

We are Harry Potter Fans. YES 

Have a great week. Stay happy and positive. 
Love Life, Family, Faith, Friends 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

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