Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking Back

Who finally went and bought a cord to get photos off my memory card. 
So now we have a major look back for the next couple of days. 
In August 2010, 2 weeks before Andrew and I got married we went on a trip to Lake Powell with his family. They have gone on this trip every year for years.. and now it was my time to join them.
It was a week of wonders. 
I faced a fear of wake boarding. kind of. 
I killed myself wake boarding. and then got back up to prove to myself I wouldn't die again. 
I almost killed Anna's face. Well tooth to be exact. We are killer tube riders. or anna just is. 
Andrew and I rode jet skis around and they scared me to death.
Yes I am a scardy cat.
Andrew however is pretty fearless. Jumping off cliffs, wake boarding A LOT, jet skis, climbing everywhere.. Being the adventurous person that he is.
We ate tons of good food. Played games. Took naps. Fished. Went on awesome adventures. Watched movies. looked up at the amazing stars. went tubing. and just full on enjoyed the incredible planet that God has given us. It is simply breathtaking. 

The first fish I caught on the trip 
Andrew's first fish on the trip 
Hanging out by the waterfall after it rained

A little karaoke from the boys 
Getting some ice cream 
Playing with the fish and trying to get them to eat a toe. 

Here fishy fishy...

Excuse the nasty but look how cute. we fell asleep that way :) 
Out for a ride. 
Yummy Ice Cream when its nice and hot 

In the cave we found, everyone just playing around. 
The week long project. Finally finished. sweet. 

Captain Andrew 

Oh this just made me really want summer.
I got goose bumps just thinking about it..
or its because our apartment is freezing. 
Here is to friends, family, warmth, and a beautiful earth. 
Love, Alex & Andrew 


  1. Hi Cute Alex!
    We have a lot in common. I too am a scardy cat!! I have no idea where Andrew got his adventurous gene? Wake boarding and jet skis make me very scared. I am not sure why, I am so cautious but I am. I also am excited about you new calling in compasionate service. That is my favorite calling in the church. So fun to serve and so rewarding. I love your blog and keeping up with you too.
    XO Marilee

  2. I have enjoyed following your adventures together via your blog. You 2 are the cutest!

  3. ohhhh man. this was almost painful, i want summer sooo bad! especially with icecream:) great post.

  4. Good times, good times! Not too many other vacations can compete with Lake Powell, can they? I LOVE it!!

    I especially like your "We Believe" section. Way cool! XOX :D