Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Out of Bed

It is 10 o'clock on a Monday morning and I am ready for the day. 
meaning I have showered. put my face on. done something with my hair. and put some sweats back on :) hey it is only a monday. 
This hasn't happend for a while. I hate mornings. I hate them so much that I let them ruin my nights by going to bed at a reasonable time so that I won't want to kill myself in the morning. 
And the funny thing is that most mornings I don't wake up that early...
However today was a change in the routine. We had to wake up at 7:30 AM 
it was a toughy let me tell you. 
Now the reason for this out of the ordinary wake up call was because of a little pup called Oakley, aka Oak, aka puppy oak. 
Now although we had to wake up early I think we got the better end of the deal because not only is Oakley gone for most of the day but he is having a little procedure done. 
I don't think anyone would want to be in his position right now. So here is to the early morning, no dog for the day, and trying to get lots of things done today because I am like 2 hours ahead of schedule. 

Saturday was actually Mr. Oakley's Birthday..kinda. he is now 4 months. 
So what did we do that day? 
Well we went on a 4 mile walk. yup we are pretty proud of ourselves. 
Oakley got to run and play and then be carried cause he was too lazy to walk anymore. 
bah yup our dog is weird sometimes..ok a lot of the times. 

Other than that our weekend was full of things like..
Playing games.
Going to see Savior of the World. which was great. 
Watching Basketball. yea that sucked, for reasons I don't want to talk about. 
Watched movies and then played more games. 
We are becoming the couple that plays games but I guess what else do you do in Rexburg on a freezing cold night. 
oh and we ate..ha 

This week will consist of greatness. 
Things like job hunting, grocery shopping in Idaho Falls, cleaning, organizing, might just start it off. 
But on Wednesday is Taeden's 1st Birthday! YAY 
I am really excited for him. I can't believe it has already been a year. seems like just yesterday we were going to get Justina a Wendy's Ice cream shake after she gave birth and going to meet the little guy. 
Man has he turned into a stud. Such a great looking kid and I love him very much. 

At the end of the week it is CONFERENCE. ah Already? again? wow that seemed like it just happened too..but I will take all that I can get of it. LOVE it. 
I wish we were going but we can't..we will be going down the next week so we shouldn't spend the money on gas. Oh well. Watching on TV is great and eating crepes makes it even better :) 

Now to send you off for the start of a great week here are some awesome pictures. There is a girl that goes to BYUI and she is a photo major. I follow her blog. She is doing this project and needed 50 people in love. So we decided to help her out and look at the awesome pictures she took!! love it.
Check her out here

Happy Monday!
Love, Alex & Andrew 


  1. Love the pictures! You are so cute together. I am excited to see you both in a couple of weeks:)

  2. i thoroughly enjoy those pictures. you guys are attractive :)

  3. Great pics! That Taeden is the chutest wittle guy ever! Give hims a hug for me.... XOX