Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy March 3rd

6 months ago today I was married to my best friend in the beautiful Los Angeles Temple.
Wow it doesn't feel like it has been 6 months but sweeet.
Thats like half of a year. DANG
I love being married to my lover. 
I love my lover.
Today is a lazy day.
We slept in. 
Took the dog to the nature park where he got introduced to a lot of ducks
And now are playing on our computers. 
I may go get some hot chocolate. yum
Its a bitter cold day in the frozen tundra. 
I can't wait for summer

Although I will be back in school
But then we can go on nice long walks and not freeze
Or go to the park and run around with no cares. except maybe the dog running away. 
Somedays I wish that really would happen though.
I get mad, annoyed, stressed at him.. a lot. 
But right now he is sleeping at my feet. 
That is why we keep him. for those sweet moments
and when we have a kid you can't give those back. ha 

Andrew's basketball and volleyball teams are doing amazing in the playoffs. 
They haven't lost yet
And they BEAT the number 1 team in volleyball. YAY 
I am really proud of my cute athletic husband. 

Hope you all are having a great week :)
Love, Alex & Andrew 

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  1. yay! congratulations!

    and yes to warm weather. yes yes