Friday, March 18, 2011

Take my hand and never ever let it go..

How was your weekend? ha that was like 4 days ago.. 
its already the next weekend woopsies. 
but that is all I have pictures of. 
We fed the ducks. 
Can I just say FUN. 
Who would have thought feeding ducks would be so much fun. 
At first I thought they were going to peck me to death but man they were like a dog.
We even dropped bread into their mouths or they would grab it from our hand. 
I felt like a little kid again and I love that feeling. 
Like for easter I asked if we could go easter egg hunting and andrew laughed at me. 
Whats up with that? I love those little traditions. little kid or not. I love halloween and getting excited for holidays and doing EVERY little tradition. 
How do yall feel about this? 
Friday we had dinner and played games with friends. 
Such a fun night. I LOVED it. we laughed so much. 
I love those nights. no cares. no worries. just pure laughing at the stupid funny things 
We played cranium girls vs. boys with girls winning of course. great game. 
Saturday was BYU-Idaho's try at the Worlds largest dodgeball tournament. 
They didn't break the recored but it was fun to watch. however there was quite a bit of cheating going on. aka getting hit by the ball and staying in. but andrews team did end up winning. 
They started out with over 1,000 people and got it down to like 10. taking an hour and a half. 
Then I went to the Flower and Bridal show with some ladies. 
Yes, I know I am already married but man do I LOVE weddings 
It was really great to see all the ideas and beautiful things they had displayed. 
That is what all the rando pictures are of. I loved that topsy cake..looked like it was falling over. 
And I want to do the hanging flowers in our house with fake flowers. 
And of course I had to get some YELLOW. love it :) 
Oh and did you see all those lady bugs?? DANG. there were TONS. 
You could even buy some for $0.25 and do whatever you wanted with them. 
Saturday night we had dinner and played games with Justina, Curtis, and Taeden. Which is always an AWESOME time. 
Sunday was well, a day of rest :) 
Over all a GREAT weekend. 
This week hasn't been too bad either. 
One more thing to do on my dress then DONE. 
Registered for class = uhh stress. 
And today = lots and Lots and LOTS of basketball. March madness has officially begun. 
BYU played today and WON. KU plays tomorrow and will WIN
I have a bitter sweet feeling for this time of basketball. Makes me nervous but excited and sometimes drives me crazy with how much basketball there is! 
Now before I say goodbye and if you are still reading way to go, I should give you a sticker, but for now I will recommend that you read "The Incredible Gifts of Women" by Barbara Jones
GREAT great GREAT book. 
I started it on Monday and can NOT put it down.
I saw her speak in person two years ago and just loved everything about her. 
Amazing women with an amazing story and gift of speaking. 
The book is such a great inspiration and helps to lift you up when you are in that weird funk. 
And I felt I was in one at the beginning of the week and I think reading the book has made me feel so much better. 
Really it is a MUST read. You can even borrow mine if you want :) 
well once I am done. but you must read it. 
Now I will leave you with one note of inspiration. 
Always Find Joy in the Journey 
Love, Peace, Happiness, God Bless Japan, and this world. 
Love, Andrew & Alex 

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  1. Can I borrow the book? Yes! Fanks! See you sooooon!