Thursday, March 31, 2011

All dogs go to Heaven.

Dear God, 

You had a little guy enter your Kingdom on Monday and we are hoping you will watch over him for us while we are still here.

Down here we called him Oakley. or Puppy Oak. or Oak. or depending on the day "you little rascal" or "mutt."

With him,
I was learning how attached and in love with an animal I could be.
I was learning patience and how we really need to wait to have kids ;)

Oakley was our baby. He was our kid. We spent most of the day with him, trying to fulfill his needs.

But on Monday... it all changed. Our life changed. We realized that something you love can be taken away. I know you gave us this experience for a reason.. We just have to figure it out now.

We have a few favors to ask though..

  • Let him know that we love him so much. Even though we got mad at him quite a bit I hope he knows we were just trying to help him and love him the best way we know how. 
  • He loves the snow. If you could let him play in it every once in a while that would be great. He loved to just run his nose through it making trails. He also liked to chase it. Just give it a good kick and he will run after it.. may even try to bring it back to you. 
  • He needs to go on walks daily. He has so much energy. Tell him that he did so great on Saturday's walk. It was perfect. I wish he was still here to go running with me. It won't be the same with out him. I hate running by myself..
  • Can you finish teaching him how to play fetch? He was doing so good at it. We were so excited the first time he ran to get the pine cone Andrew had thrown and then brought it back to our feet. And all of the times in our apartment playing with his toys. Throwing them and Oak running to get them.  
  • He still needs a lot of training. And we know that with a little help he can do great things. He picked up on sit the first time we tried. Please teach him how to do more great things. 
  • Can you please let him play with Olivia and Max. We miss them too and know that they will all have a lot of fun together. 
  • He never got to enjoy the summer. He never saw a field of perfect green grass. He never got to feel the warmth of the sun or go running on a cool summer morning. Please let him experience it. I am positive he will love it even more than snow and winter. 
  • Every once in a while give him some good old bones to chew on. He loves them and would spend hours enjoying them. 
  • We miss him more than words can explain. We NEVER thought in a million years that we would lose him this soon. We stuck the hard times out with him and started creating memories and enjoying the awesome moments. We decided to make him a permanent part of our family. Oakley, you are and forever will be. Maybe God will let you meet the spirits that will one day be Andrew and I's kids. I am sure they would love to play with you.  

That was a wonderful 3 months. In the beginning there were plenty of times I wondered "Why in the heck did we get a dog" but I am so glad we did. I think we learned so much. It showed Andrew and I how to work together or in some cases how not to work together.

Puppy Oak, I will miss you cuddling with me while we watch t.v. I will even miss your annoying little nibble at my feet or on my hands. I will miss how excited you got when we put your leash on or gave you a treat or fed you. I will miss you coming in the shower after I am done and licking at everything. I will miss you so much this coming spring break. I was so excited to show you a back yard and let you just run around all by yourself without having to worry and letting you play with another dog.
 Thank you for letting us be your owners, if even for that short amount of time.
We love you Oakley. Don't cause too much trouble up there and don't ever forget about us. We will be up there to see you later on down the road. In the mean time I hope you look down on us.

Love, Alexandria & Andrew Sorensen 

On his 4 month mark. Taking our 4 mile walk. 
The last picture taken of Oakley.
We love you, Oak.

Our poor sweet little puppy died while at the Animal Hospital while getting neutered. 
They had just gotten done with the procedure and red fluids started coming out of his mouth and then he flat lined. They tried to give him meds and CPR which did help for a minute but then he flat lined again. 
They aren't for sure why it happened but he could have had a virus in his blood or a heart problem. 

Check out the Videos below for more Puppy Oak love and memories. 


  1. Oh Alex and Andrew,
    I am so sorry about Oakly!! I know you loved him so much and had so much fun with him. What happened?
    It is hard to understand sometime why things work the way they do and you wonder what are we suppose to learn from this? I am sure your hearts are so sad. Love you both!

  2. Made me cry. I am so sad PuppyOak won't be here next week. I am sad he won't be able to jump in the pool and run run run with Jake, Scout and Haley. :( So so sad... Sometimes we don't realize what we have until it's gone. I know it's hard to raise a puppy. I was so surprised at how much I cried when Max died. And I was even more surprised when I lost it when we put Zoe to sleep. Helps us remember how important it is to vocally and physically share our feelings with one another. If I was there, I would be giving you lots of hugs and kisses and trying to give comfort. Love you!!!!!! XOX

  3. P.S. Bring all your games! We shall pway wots!

  4. I'm so sorry you lost your puppy! Dogs are as much a part of family as kids are! You will miss him so much....but hold on to the memories! And the pain will ease in time! I promise. Missing you.....Love you Alex!

  5. SO SAD! I love all your other updates though!