Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Baby: Week 10 & 11

Dear Baybaybaybbbaby,

Hello my little juicy lime.

It has been a crazy past two weeks. We left for St. George on Thursday July 23rd to hang out with the Browns. It was so much fun just hanging out and relaxing with the family for a few days. On Thursday we went to Cedar City for family pictures. It had been a long time.. like maybe four years (our wedding) since we had all been together at the same time! Crazzzy. Family pictures was a lot of fun, I can't wait to see them! Andrew and I took a couple pictures pointing to my belly. haha We're cute.
Afterwards it was just a day of relaxing and spending some time together by the pool. I started realizing that the heat gets to me a lot quicker when I'm pregnant. I have to make sure to have A LOT of cold water with me and get in shade, air conditioning, or hang out in the water.

While in St. George we also went to Sand Hollow and rode the sea doo's around and played on the beach. Then another day we went to these awesome dinosaur tracks that are out in the desert a little ways. We got caught in the rain and had to hurry home to get out of it.

Ever since getting back to Rexburg I have just been working a little and then hanging out with the family the rest of the time. Wednesday we had a Brown family get together with the extended family at Rexburg Rapids. I went down both of the water slides. ha the are verrrry mild so I figured it would be fine. (Hope you enjoyed it ;)

Thursday we prepared for Justina's Baby shower the entire day. Emily, Mom, and I had lots to get done. It turned out awesome and just beautiful. Mom made so many amazing things. I was in charge of the games which went good. Some were a little funky haha oh well. We did one game where you had to guess who's baby picture was who. that one was really fun.

Other than feeling lightheaded and drained after being in the sun and heat for a while I am feeling pretty good. Still tired all the time but not so much nausea at all, just making sure I eat often.

We have our next appointment on Wednesday. We get to hear your heart beat for the first time! AHH I'm actually kind of nervous. I hope everything is still going good and your heart beat is strong.

Then it is on to LAKE POWELL! AH YAY.

It has been so nice to spend time with family. I love it and don't want it to end.

Stay happy and healthy in there.

I love you little lime juice.

love, your mommy

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