Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Baby: Week 7 into 8

Hey there my little gummy bear!

You are the size of a raspberry this week. Or a peanut. Little baby peanut!

We had a lot of firsts today- June 14th 2014 - We went to the doctor for the first time. We officially officially decided that the due date is February 20th 2015. AH crayyyyy. We did the whole questions and blood and urine testing stuff. It seemed all normal and good to me, nothing crazy. We did get to have an ultrasound done! YAY! Our doctor doesn't usually do them until 20 weeks because it is unnecessary but we really wanted one earlier, so we said yea lets go see how its all going, make sure there really is a baby in there, make sure there is a heartbeat, and see if you are really the size we think you are.

look at how little and cute you are!
You are the crescent moon looking thing and
the large blob above is my full bladder. 
Well turns out you are looking wonderful in there! We didn't get to actually hear the heartbeat but Andrew and the tech got to see it and they said it looks strong, beautiful, and GREAT! What a relief! It was such a happy feeling when he said that and it made it all real to see that there really is something in there. Andrew said that it looked like jello shaking. hahaha well I'm glad you look like jello! It is all starting to feel real. I can't wait to feel you kicking and moving in there.

This past week has been pretty good. I had the weekend off for my birthday and it was awesome! We (me, justina, and emily) went to Taryn's (my cousin) baby shower. It was really fun to hang out with family. Then us girls went shopping and I got some new shoes YAY! and it was fun just getting to chill with the girls.
I got a Pirate cake! yay :) 
On Sunday - MY BIRTHDAY- we went to church then just came home and relaxed, cleaned up a bit, and I made lasagna for dinner. Yea I made dinner because I was craving lasagna and I just wanted to make it and have something really yummy. I made it and had the sisters over with the boys too. It was delish. I felt spoiled and loved all day. I got some water shoes, a fishing reel, jewelry, these really comfy sandals, and a cute shirt. Then we had the most delicious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I love that stuff!

A lovely Taeden Photo Bomb. ahaha I love this. 
Its been a nice week. Not too hecktic. not too crazy. not a ton of nausea, still lots of fatigue but sometimes I do feel a little more burst of energy or at least not feeling as tired, as I have been.

I feel like the weeks are actually going by pretty quickly. Maybe it doesn't feel that way day to day but I feel like summer is just flying by and before we know it we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary! AH crazy. I am trying to enjoy all the day to day things and life. It can be hard when I just go to work every day but it has its moments. Can't wait until next week for my family to be here. then we get to hang out a lot and not work a lot and then its time for Lake Powell. SO much fun in the next few weeks I love it! and when its over I think its going to be pretty depressing. Let's not think about that right now!

Heres to hoping I keep feeling good. and staying healthy.

Stay healthy and happy little peanut.

I love you.
love, your momma

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