Sunday, September 28, 2014

Recapping Weeks 15-19

We have a little mango baby!

We just hit 19 weeks today. Its crazy and awesome and I am getting really excited. Next week we get to find out if you are a boy or a girl in there. I CAN'T wait! I think it might really start to make it real... It still hasn't really hit me.. I'm not sure if it really will until I have to go push baby out of me and then get to take you him/her home! AH

I can't wait to be a mom though. I have wanted to be a mom my whole life and it is finally becoming real. Thank you baby, it is all because of you.

We have had a pretty good week, a little more lax for me which has been nice but a little rough for Andrew getting back into the swing of things in school. Last week on Wednesday I got off work at 2pm and then headed straight to St. George. I had never driven that far by myself and I was actually pretty nervous about it. The length of it, the boringness of it and the being pregnant part. But it turned out okay. Definitely long, my butt and legs were sore and achy by the time I got there but I found things to listen to and people to talk on the phone so that helped!

I went down because Lisa and I signed up for a serging conference for the weekend. The conference was awesome!! I was expecting to get a little sleepy and have a hard time being in class all day but it really was great. I loved learning old and new things and working on AMAZING sergers! They were to die for. It was also really fun hanging out and bonding with Lisa for the weekend. We had a lot of fun talking sewing, crafting, and fabrics!

The week before (aka the first week of September) Andrew and I went to California for the week. It was the BEST! Such a good trip, full of relaxation but also adventure and seeing new things. We were there during our anniversary so we got a chance to spend the day together exploring LA.

We first headed to the California Science Center to mainly see the space shuttle Endeavour, that was just put there and they are building a million dollar facility for. It is HUGE! and awesome. You can't even comprehend the fact that it has been to space and back multiple times! We got to learn all about it and then walk around it and see it in all its hugeness.

We then headed to the Santa Monica Pier. I absolutely love that place. and it holds so many good memories for us. I have always loved ferris wheels and this one is just perfection. You have the beach, the ocean, the sunset, the city, and not to mention the amazing man that was sitting next to me! The day before our wedding we took wedding pictures all day long. One spot that I had to have pictures done at was the pier, on the ferris wheel. So on our anniversary I thought it would be fun to go ride the ferris wheel again, since we had not ridden it since our wedding. Oh my what four years has brought us to!

Then we headed to our favorite restaurant, Gladstones.  I am not a fish loving person but I LOVE clam chowder and they have the BEST clam chowder you will ever eat. and you get this delicious bread to dip in it so I was a pretty happy girl. Not to mention the view of the ocean that is absolutely stunning. Andrew likes to get a yummy fish and I am pretty sure he leaves drooling still because of how good it is.

Of course we then had to go get some dessert so we headed to BJ's where they have the yummiest pazookies (pizza cookies). We were stuffed and exhausted by the time we were done and heading home. It was a perfect day together.

On the other days we were in California we did a little shopping both clothing and fabric, we went to the beach and did a little body boarding, we went to a Dodger's baseball game and saw some amazing fireworks, and just relaxed and hung out with family. What better way to spend a week!

Since being back I am just working working working. and Andrew is back into the grind of things at school. I think it is going to be a crazy semester for him. He has also been working at the straw maze and helping get things ready before they opened and now helping at night. He is SO excited to start haunting next weekend! He got his new mask in yesterday and I am not sure he is going to be able to wait a week to scare with it. The mask is pretty awesome.. it is VERY real looking which makes it really creepy. He is going to do an awesome job. He made a video for the haunted forest and it turned out really good! He is just so talented in so many things. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he does.
The MASK! 
Ryder didn't know what to think..
our poor children. haha

I just love that guy. even in a creepy mask.

I have been feeling great. Still just tired and more sciatic nerve and lower back pain. I am pretty sure that is going to last forever. I feel that the sciatic nerve pain is just getting worse. Now just standing I can feel it hurting. and then bending and moving a lot just makes it worse. I'm finding ways to make it better, so far it is just lots and lots of stretching. But I feel really lucky with how easy pregnancy has been.

I am definitely popping more, however now I feel that it just looks like I have gained weight in the belly, not that there is a baby in there. I am enjoying the smaller belly while I can because I know soon enough I will be huge. Keep growing healthy and strong in there little one! We love you so so so much.

Hopefully I can start updating more and keep a good record of this amazing, beautiful process we get to go through. Stay tuned for more!


P.S- We met Youtube stars, icons, and role models Shay Carl and Colette. We have watched them for five years and he is the one who inspired me to start my own channel! We were shocked we ran into them and a little star struck.

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