Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Baby: Weeks 12,13,14!!!

Hello my sweet crisp apple.

You are growing big, although I can't really tell yet. I feel like I did pop a little over night but I would be the only one to notice. It really just looks like I am bloated or maybe put on a pound or two in the belly region. But even then I haven't really gained any thats something.

I am feeling great. Still really tired but not as tired as the first 12 weeks. I feel lots of cramping in my belly, which I hear is just my belly and ligaments stretching to make room for you. I get really irritable late at night.. just before I go to bed. Which is either the pregnancy talking or the "I don't want to go to work" talking. It is hard walking up at 7:45 or earlier. I live for the days when I get to sleep in longer. I really just live for sleep these days.

My sciatic nerve is causing me the most problems these days. For both of my jobs I am standing and moving around a lot for most of the time. Sometimes moving, lifting, and doing a lot of stuff, other than just sitting. I live for the sitting times too. After standing for so long my sciatic nerve really starts to get to me. I get achy and tired realllllly quick. I always want to just come home and sit for a long time. When I do come home and sit for a while and then try to get up its hard to walk. My legs like to give out on me. Fortunately, Andrew's Aunt Julie showed me a stretch I can do to help it. I do it every night as well as other basic stretches and yoga poses. I really feel that it helps to keep it at bay.

We went to Lake Powell 2 weeks ago. It was wonderful as usual. When we were docked and getting ready to leave the marina I got a little nauseous by the rocking of the boat but once we got moving and then to where we would anchor for the week I was great. I was mostly just exhausted by the end of each day and there were a few days I just felt crappy but nothing too bad.

We told the Turnbull's about you, at Lake Powell. We told everyone not to say anything until I did and I knew that would be realllllly hard. Val accidentally slipped to Curtis which was actually pretty funny. She told him not to make the pregnant lady lift something so heavy. And he got this shocked/surprised look on his face. It was funny. Then once we got moving I put on a shirt that I had made that said "Baby's First Lake Powell" and pointing to my belly. It was really cute. We tried to get Jerryne to see it first and we really had to push her to look at me but when she finally did she freaked out. screaming and all. Then Amanda and CJ found out and got all excited too. We sent Sydnee a text of a picture of me wearing the shirt. It was fun letting everyone know and I was glad to finally have everyone around me know and not have to try to keep secrets.

We found this whole camp set up and had to check it out! It was so crazy! 

I loved riding around on the sea doo's and on the boat. I didn't do any wake boarding because I didn't want the possibility of falling weird and something bad happening, especially since I wasn't very far along at the time. It was a beautiful trip full of relaxation, fun, family, and friends. I loved it.
Yup this is Lake Powell 
After getting back I have just been working my buttie off at the fabric place and down east. It has me feeling exhausted a lot but it hasn't been too horrible. I just love vacations. I never want to come home from a vacation. I love planning them and going on them and enjoying them but I really don't like coming home from them, especially when it involves going back to work. (how everyone feels I am sure)
I love all the amazing sunsets we get to see. 
One day we got a lot of rain, was great to watch. 

Andrew wake boarding. Richard is pulling him. 
At Lake Powell we took pictures of our vans and a pair of baby vans we bought to announce to the rest of the world that we were pregnant. They all turned out so cute and it was really hard to pick a picture to use. We were excited and nervous to announce it to the world but it was fun to read and hear about everyones reaction.

This is the picture we posted. 

We are so excited for you little one and so is the rest of the world. I can't wait to hear your little heart beat again in 2 weeks. and I am SO excited to see you in a month and a half when we go in for the big ultrasound.

You are already loved so much.

Keep growing strong and healthy.

Love, your momma.

P.S- This next week will be your first time in California, I CANNOT wait! :)

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