Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Baby: week 6 into week 7

Hi there.
You are making me a little nauseous lately. Not too bad just every once in a while and when I don't eat frequently enough. I am still feeling really lucky. This week my allergies were SUPER bad and I'm thinking it has turned into a slight JULY. ughh. at least its not horrible. thank you for that.

We told immediate family this week. They all freaked out, of course. It was pretty awesome!

Your Grandma & Grandpa Brown, Uncle Nathan, & Uncle Aaron:
I sent my mom and dad a small package. I had drawn on some paper "SURPRISE, Grandbaby #5 coming February 2015" and then I attached a binky with some string to give it some pizzaz. I was a little nervous about my mom opening it without me knowing it but luckily it worked out PERFECTLY! I had told her I was sending a package that was for Cameron since he was coming home from his mission that same week. So I called her after I got off of work on Monday June 30th and she was sitting at the table opening the mail! AH PERFECT. So I asked all casually so did you get my package? and she said "Yes, I didn't know you were sending me something" and of course I said uhm I told you I was sending something for Cameron (I was really trying to contain my excitement and nervousness). So I told her she should open right then. And she did. and she FREAKED OUT. muahahaha 
I am pretty sure the first thing she said was ALEXANDRIA! oh my gosh. and there was screaming and then the boys (Nathan and Aaron) in the background being like what whats wrong. and mom told them. THEN dad walks in through the door. How perfect was that timing???! So mom tells the boys to not say anything and then she hands the paper to my dad and he starts fffreaking out too. Yelling again. And lots of oh my gosh. thats awesome. YAY! It was so perfect. I was pretty nervous it wouldn't all work out and I wouldn't be able to hear their reactions but it was awesome, I don't think I could have planned it better. 

Your Grandma & Grandpa Sorensen & Uncle Aaron:
For the Fourth of July weekend we went to St George to hang out with Andrew's parents and to relax a little. That whole week we were trying to figure out a way to tell them. Finally on the drive down there we thought it would be awesome if we could find a shirt that said something about being a dad for Andrew to wear. After we got there at midnight we went to Walmart looking for a shirt. and we found the PERFECT one in a size small. hahaha We decided that would probably add to the funnyness of it so we did it. The next morning once everyone was up and walking around the kitchen Andrew changed into the shirt and then just came in and talked with is mom. It was hilarious because she noticed it, laughed, and then kept talking about what they were talking about. Andrew was like wait a second, why would I be wearing this shirt? And thats when it finally hit her and then his dad caught on. It was hilarious. Then the freaking out and excitement began again! It was awesome.

This was right after we told them. Andrew and the awesome shirt. 

Aunt Anna & Uncle Jordan & Cousin Ryder:
We told Anna and Jordan when we went to hot tubbing. Andrew would always joke about us being pregnant so when he said something about having a baby on the way they didn't believe it until I said well the really funny thing is that it's true. And then it was like wait what? Are you serious? haha and then freaking out and excitement! I was great. 

Aunt Justina & Uncle Curtis, Cousins Taeden & Caleb: 
We told Justina when we went over to pick something up from her. She and the boys were at home so I told Andrew that while I was talking to Justina he should give Taeden his phone with a picture of the pregnancy test and tell him to show it to his mom. Well we were chatting and Andrew did it and right away she knew what it meant and started screaming and freaking out, of course. She then told Curtis that night. It was a perfect way to tell her! 

Aunt Emily:
Emily I just ended up calling on the phone because we were headed down to Utah and she was going to go on a camping trip with Justina and Curtis that weekend and I really didn't want any one else telling her before I did. So I just called and said that I'm sorry I have to tell you this over the phone but I wanted to be the first to tell you that I'm pregnant. Then LOTS of screaming ensued. It was hilarious and I think it kinda freaked out her roommates. 

Aunt Kjerstin & Uncle Adam & Cousin Haizlee:
To tell Kjerstin I sent her the picture of Andrew and I with him wearing the #1 Dad shirt and then said Guess what. Being Kjerstin and always guessing that the news is I am pregnant, she didn't even look at the picture but instead just said "your pregnant!" and I of course was just like Actually yes I am! Haha and She started freaking out and Haizlee got really excited. They said that February was the perfect month to have a baby and it would be even better if I had the baby on the 18 (Haizlee's birthday). That is very possible so we will see what happens!

Uncle Cameron:
Cameron found out on the car ride home from the airport when he came home from his mission. haha and later I got a text message from him saying "so how long have you been married?" and I said four years and he was just like oh interesting. He was like wow so you can wait that long to have kids. hahaha yes you don't have to have a honeymoon baby or even a two year baby. its whatever you and hubby and God decide. 

Needles to say everyone is VERY excited that we are having a baby. We are really excited and could not feel more blessed with all the love and support we are feeling from everyone.

Other then some more nausea my symptoms are pretty much the same. I still feel like a zombie most of the time. and like a bloated whale. so thats all good. I'm hoping I stay feeling pretty good and no other symptoms show themselves or get worse. Crossing my fingers. I can't image being as sick as some women get and having to still work.

This past weekend was the Fourth of July!!! YAY. We went to St. George with the Sorensen's. It was amazing just relaxing and swimming a lot. I was so happy I got to sleep in and take naps.

You went on your first seadoo ride around Sand Hollow. I forgot how much I enjoy just cruising around on a seadoo. We will have to do more of that at Lake Powell this year.

Well I love you my little blueberry! Crazy to think that is how small you are.

Keep growing healthy and happy!

Love, Mom&Dad

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