Sunday, January 6, 2013

A different kind of Library

While we were in California Andrew and I decided to do a few things that I had never done and he hadn't done in a long time. So on one rainy day we went to the Ronald Reagan Library. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I mean a library is filled with books.. not stuff you walk around and just look at. I did know it was a museum and I was excited to learn about the life of President Reagan.
And Andrew would always talk about seeing Air Force One there so I was pretty stoked to see that!

The library sits at the top of the hill and over looks the whole valley. It is breathtakingly beautiful! Although it was rainy and cloudy it was still an amazing view.

Andrew Sorensen for President! 

A piece of the Berlin Wall 

The breathtaking view 

An EXACT replica of the Oval office when Reagan was president 

Oh hey Mr. Pres 

Just hanging out under air force one. 

Yeaaaa we took a lot of pictures. There was a lot of cool stuff! We saw a replica of the oval office. Read lots of facts on Reagan. Saw the outfit he was shot in. And a x-ray of the bullet in him! We saw the dictators he had to deal with. His love for horse back riding. Air force one of course, we even got to go through it! And they had two rooms of Christmas trees decorated for each decade. They were pretty amazing. One had a large train in it, another had life size guns or a violin, some had different animals, pictures, books, then when you got closer to our day and age you saw lots of stuffed animals like big bird, then their was facebook and youtube. It was crazy detailed and pretty intense. We also saw some of Nancy Reagan's clothes and learned a little about her. We even learned some etiquette for presidential dinners! 

Then they had this special section that is only there for a little while of disney artifacts. They had the original snow white and the seven dwarfs, cinderella and sleeping beauty in beautiful large intricate books. Then they had a bust of every president that looked reallllly realistic. And there was the original mickey and just so much!! In the last room was probably the best thing ever! It was a bunch of original artifacts from disney movies or the attire from broadway show of a disney movie. They had cinderellas dress and beautiful outfits! Then we saw everything pictured below as well. The ships are the original they used to film. so you know how it looks huge in the movie well really that is the true size of it. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! And we saw Iron Mans suit which Andrew was mesmerized by... I must say it was pretty awesome. It was such an amazing sight to see. So many cool things! I could share so many more pictures but I will spare you ;) 
The beautiful books

Original Tron Bike..not really sure why andrew is red..
Original Iron Man Suit 
Original Caption America's Bike 
These are the ships they used to film Pirates of the Caribbean 
The Black Pearl 
If you are ever in Southern California this is a good place to spend a little time learning about the History of America and the Life of President Reagan and Nancy Reagan. 
love, alex&andrew

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