Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year Resolutions

So its the END of January! How did this happen. Well I have no idea where the time went buuttt I am still going to share my lovely new year resolutions with you because I feel that if I write some of these down and share them with the world I will actually work to accomplish them!! YAY for being better.
  • My biggest goal this year is to run a 5k. I know, this doesn't seem like much but if you know me you know that I don't run. I have NO endurance and what not so I am starting slow but I am really excited about this. I am using the couch to 5k app and although I haven't done much so far I have realized that I am motivated. Even though I hate running and it sucks, I feel more motivation than feeling that I should quit. I WANT to do this. 
  • Spend more time enjoying the moment, enjoying school, enjoying going to games with Andrew, enjoying doing nothing, enjoying having everything when it happens. 
  • Stress less. 
  • Get rid of stuff I don't need.
  • Graduate from College. 
  • Read, Read, Read - Read 12 books. 
  • Sew something once a month other than what I am sewing for class. 
  • Make a sewing vlog once a month. 
  • Take more pictures and work on my photography. 
These are just a few of the goals I have for this year. I feel it is going to be a pretty great, crazy year. I know that getting to the point of graduation will be hard but totally worth it. I am so ready to be done but seeing the end I am realizing that I really do love learning and love being in school. it is just hard and that is another reason I am trying to stress less. I really hope to enjoy these that few semesters in school and make them worth it because I am pretty sure this will be the last year I ever have in school. What a crazy thought. SO I will be working on these goals all year and we will see how it goes! 
What are your goals for the new year? 

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  1. way to go! i love these goals. and about the running. . .im NO runner, but i'm totally learning how and i love it. so YOU CAN DO IT!