Sunday, January 20, 2013

Experiencing Pearl Harbor

On Saturday we went to the Swap meet at the Aloha stadium. There were tons of little trinkets and fun souvenirs. We spent a few hours walking around looking at a ton of random stuff!  

Aaron decided to jump this poll. Don't worry he got over it safely! 
 When the boys and I were done shopping we headed over to do some exploring at Pearl Harbor. We didn't go over to the Arizona but we saw lots of pieces that they used in the war. 
Look how huge this anchor is!! 
The chain for the anchor 
Father and sons. 
This missile is 18 feet long!! which is probably about 2 aaron's (with his hands down)

If you ever go to Hawaii this is a must. This was Andrew and I's second time being able to go to Pearl Harbor so we weren't too bummed that we didn't go over to see the Arizona and the other ships but if you can get over there you must go to Pearl Harbor. It is such a wonderful place to learn about the history of our country. It is incredible to think of all of the men and women who fought that day and gave their lives for our freedom. It is sad to think that on a beautiful peaceful morning just like the one we were having the day we were there, all hell broke loose and many families world's came crashing down. I am so grateful for the men and women who served then and who serve today. I love my country and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Pearl Harbor and learn about that horrific day.

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