Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

If you are a stocker or maybe you are just our bestest friends you know that for Christmas this year we had the incredible opportunity to go to Hawaii.
Instead of presents on Christmas morning we were all waking up and getting ready to head to the airport. Was that a little weird you ask? Yes.. Andrew and I realized that was the first time either of us had left "the house" (wherever we were staying that year) on Christmas day.. Crazy. But honestly, we were headed to Hawaii so there wasn't much complaining on our part ;)

Andrew and I still spent a little money on each other for Christmas and we still had family come over on Christmas Eve and do a little celebrating. Julie and Val came over and we had a wonderful clam chowder dinner and lots of yummy munchies and then we exchanged presents.

This year Andrew got me a vinyl record player. I had talked about it a couple times and he picked up on it and got me one. Because it was not something we wanted to have to bring on the plane I got it at the beginning of December which I loved because then I was able to listen to some beautiful christmas music. Needles to say it is a beauty. And of course the music is timeless. I love listening to Frank sing :)

Like I said in this post I wasn't really sure until 4 days before Christmas what I was getting Andrew. But after some wonderful shopping I found some awesome things. Like two pairs of vans. two Neff shirts. Some quirky socks and a tie. I even got him a 99 cent mountain dew chap-stick! ha
and he got this beauty.
And he loved his gifts, or at least he says he does and he has worn pretty much everything at least once already so I am pretty pleased with my findings!

Ready to go to Bethlehem 
While we were in California we were able to attend Andrew's home wards Christmas party. It was incredible. They had it in a members, aka the Sorensen's best friends, back yard. It was a sight to see let me tell you. It was made to look like Bethlehem. They had crafts for the kids to do and animals to pet and food to eat and even a manger with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. What a fun night. Everyone.. well most everyone even dressed up like they were from that time.
My little friend in Bethlehem
They had Neff beanies back then right? ;) 
Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that at the beginning of December we went to The Forgotten Carols with Marilee. It was beautiful. I had never heard the story so I did not know what to expect but it was perfect. It was sentimental but still had plenty of humor and really shared the true meaning of Christmas.

I feel that overall we had some really good experiences in basking in the Christmas Spirit. What a wonderful, beautiful, magical time of the year. It is sad to see it go but I know we can keep it around all year and look forward to its magic next year as well.
Merry Christmas from the Sorensen's 
We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season :)

ps- can I have him pleeeease

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