Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Banzai Pipeline

 Hawaii is beautiful, if you didn't know. Everywhere you look there is beauty. You can say that about everywhere in the world but it really just jumps out at you in Hawaii. There are so many things that just take your breath away. I loved that there were flowers and greenery EVERYWHERE. I hate when its the dead of winter and nothing is alive, but in Hawaii that doesn't happen! Its green all of the time. It is wonderful and simply.. breathtaking, like I said before :)

On Sunday we went to church over by the Laie Temple so before it started we went over to the visitors center and walked around. What a beautiful temple. I have probably said it before and I will say it again, I love that the church is the same no matter where we go. I can go to the other side of the world and know that the church service will be the same as it is here in Utah. The one thing that was different was that when ever someone says Aloha the whole congregation says it back and I love it! it made it so warm and inviting. I really enjoyed church and hearing the testimonies of the members.
At the temple sunday morning 
Father & Son 
Sunday afternoon there was a huge swell coming in and so of course we had to go watch. Andrew was scouting it out all week and knew that it was going to be some of the best surfing they had seen in months if not years. He even found out that a few pros would be there. We saw a few on the beach and figured there were some far our in the water that we couldn't recognize. The waves were HUGE though. I could not believe it. It was incredible. As the sun went down we saw an amazing sunset!

At Pipeline. Can you see the surfer? 

Watching Pipeline 

Pipeline Sunset! 
I couldn't help taking so many pictures while there. It was wonderful. so dreamy and beautiful and WARM. that is something we sure are missing right about now! 
Hope you are staying warm. 

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  1. Everything looks so warm! Makes me jealous as I am in 10 degree weather! lol