Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hawaiian New Years Eve

On our last full day on the island it was New Years Eve. We spent the morning relaxing and taking a walk down the beach and just enjoying our last day in the warmth and sunshine. Jordan decided to climb a tree and got a few coconuts so when we got home Andrew decided to try and break one open. 

View from our House

The Blue Lagoon 
 After getting ready for the day we all headed to the Polynesian Culture Center. I love this place. If you ever have the chance of going to Hawaii you must go here. It is a wonderful place for you to learn about different cultures and even try out some of the things they do. We watched this guy open a coconut, husk it, and even get the milk out of it. Then we learned how to start a fire with sticks and the outside husk of the coconut. Which Andrew, Aaron, and I tried to do a little later after the show. Then one of the guys climbed a coconut tree and posed for us!! ha these guys were hilarious :) We saw a few other shows and then it was time for dinner and the Luau. 

Trying to start the fire. 

The guys from New Zealand 
At dinner.
Dinner was great. we had some different kinds of food. and then some normal stuff. I love the pineapple bars they had for dessert and the fresh pineapple. There was also smoked pork and chicken, and this slimy noodle thing that was good but funny, and rice and purple rolls that were awesome. 
The Luau was incredible. It was a story of a boys life and it was about the breath of life. It was beautiful. all of the dancers did amazing and sang wonderfully. I love when the dancers do the traditional hula. It is so cool how they move! ha the performance was awesome. 

We had such an incredible time in Hawaii and can't wait to some day go back and share it with our children. We feel so blessed to have been able to experience this together and with Andrew's family. I am so grateful that I have been able to share so many memories with Andrew and experience the beauty of this earth that God had given us. I feel so blessed that we are able to travel and experience this amazing world we have to live on. We made some amazing memories that will last a life time and beyond and can't wait to make many more. Hope you enjoyed sharing in our adventures. 

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