Friday, January 18, 2013

Hawaiian Treasures

So there was this one time on December 25th 2012 that we got on a plane and went to Hawaii for a week. It was simply wonderful. It was so relaxing and warm. Exactly what we needed for the holiday break. We got in at about 12am California time and 9pm Hawaii time. We were all starving and because it was Christmas everything was closed. We searched for about an hour and settled on a 7-eleven. Hot pockets, pizza, and granola bars. It was a great Christmas dinner :) 
Our view from the house we stayed in 
We talked Aaron into running and jumping on this vine. 
I won't flood you with the tons of stories that I could be telling you but I will be showing you a bunch of pictures that I took :) 
We had a blast checking out the island. We went to a couple different beaches and went snorkeling, body boarding, walking, exploring, and finding lots of little treasures. 
We ate lots of great food. Went shopping and found beautiful things. 
Every time we snorkeled I felt that I was one of the fish just swimming right along in the ocean. 
In one snorkel trip we saw THREE sea turtles. The first was medium and then another medium one and the last one we saw was HUGE. it was so cool to see them just swimming along and go up for air. They are such beautiful creatures! One night Richard and Aaron were walking along the beach and saw the biggest turtle we had ever seen, so we all came running to see and it was ginormous and just a beautiful sight to see. Right after we got there the waves came up and he went back into the ocean. It was wonderful to see these creatures in their natural habitat. 
Andrew found this crab
Andrew and Jordan exploring the reef by our house.  
The view from standing on the reef towards our house. 
Treasures that we found

One night we went out to eat and then we were going to go to the movies so we kept trying to find a place to eat but we weren't having luck with something that was quick but good. 
We finally found one that looked like a long john silvers and just decided to go there. 
When we walked in we knew right away it was not a long john silvers. It was something completely different and completely hawaiian. It ended up being verrrry fresh and different.. sea food. We got to test some things and Andrew, Aaron, and I tired octopus, raw salmon and tuna. It was actually pretty good. Aaron loved it so much he got the octopus for dinner. I got this amazing shrimp dish with this delicious sauce on it. Andrew got an ahi ahi Cajun stir fry dish and he loooved it. Then we went and saw Les Miserables. Which, no words can describe how amazing that was. 
The Peacock that we ran into and I wanted to bring home.

Andrew coming out of the water from body boarding
Andrew riding the wave. 
This is just the first a few posts on Hawaii, so stay tuned for more!!
Happy Friday! 

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